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Giving to Midlands Community Foundation and its funds are a sound investment in our community.  Your donation shows an extraordinary commitment to an inspiring and growing community.  Thank you for making a gift today!

Attention:  Due to third-party merchant processing fees for credit card transactions, Midlands Community Foundation charges a fee of 3% of the value of your contribution.  Be assured that this fee does not reduce the total value of your contribution for tax purposes.  These fees will be deducted from the credit card proceeds deposited into the account you have selected.

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Midlands Community Foundation Fund
General Fund
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Bellevue Community Foundation Fund (MCF Affiliated Fund)
BCF 6th Annual Husker Nation Celebration 2018
Gretna Community Foundation Fund (MCF Affiliated Fund)
GCF Designated Endowed Funds
GCF Designated Expendable Funds
GCF Field of Interest Funds
GCF Donor Advised Funds
GCF Scholarship Funds
Louisville Area Foundation Fund (MCF Affiliated Fund)
LAF Donor Advised Funds
Springfield Community Foundation Fund (MCF Affiliated Fund)
Titan Defenders Booster Club Membership
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