Elmwood Community Foundation Membership Form

The Elmwood Community Foundation (ECF) was established in December 2021. Our mission is to preserve our history, expand our outreach, and share our resources with the community.

Generous gifts/membership to the ECF in 2021/22 have enabled us to:

  • Add Heating & Air Conditioning to the Learning Center
  • Provide Programming for Community Patrons
  • Offer $1,000 in grants to other nonprofits in the community

We invite you to become one of the founding members of the ECF. As an added benefit, if you submit your dues from November 29, 2022, through January 5, 2023, a portion of your donation will be eligible for Midlands Community Foundation’s matching funds. This will enable us to accomplish several goals in 2023.

  • Update Learning Center Bathroom to be ADA Compliant
  • Secure Renovation Plans for the Future of the Learning Center
  • Start Interior Renovation of the Learning Center
  • Add Community Programming for Patrons
  • Increase Grant Opportunities for Local Nonprofits

All members will receive a 2023 Elmwood Community calendar and a copy of our online newsletter.

All Membership Donations are 100% Tax Deductible

Become A Friend of the Foundation today!