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Local Artists. Local Art. (LaLa) Fund

Purpose Statement:
Omaha is home to talented and unique artists, but few of these artists are able to make a living due to lack of opportunity, grant funding, and support from local institutions. In fact, many local artists are moving away to other cities to pursue their careers. This lack of foundation leads to a talent shortage and a city void of excellent public art that reflects its communities. This also perpetuates the self-defeating cycle of raising money locally to pay out of state artists and forges to produce art for our city.

Lala, an acronym for Local Artists, Local Art, aims to confront these issues head on by providing the basic needs for artists to live and by creating opportunities for them to thrive. Through programs dedicated to large-scale local public art projects, mentoring, exhibitions, art sales, and affordable work spaces, we believe Omaha can retain and attract creative talent and become a celebrated arts mecca.

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